A Art de Tania Aparecida Felix

English Translation: The Art of Tania Aparecida Felix A Cultural Proposal My wife and I meet Tania in one of our trips to Brasil. I am a Brasilian American and she is an American. My wife loves Brasil and the brasilian culture. Many times in the past, I find myself having a conversation about many parts of my Brasilian culture like the Afro-Brasilian lines of spiritual practices. Even before coming to Brasil with my wife for the first time, I am remembering talking to her and many people here in the States about Umbanda, Quimbanda and Candomblé. One day, we were walking in the Avenida Paulista and there she was with her little artwork of the Orixás. It was interesting also to see my wife stopping to see her Art without I am telling her anything about it. She looked at me and said: – "Is this the Baianas?" It was only when she start to pick up her Artwork that I started to explain to her that that was the Orixás of the three spiritual lines of Umbanda, Quimbanda and Candomblé. Meeting Tania and her Art really gave us a new cultural dimension and what I used to explain theoretically to my wife was now right in front of her in colors and costumes through Tania's Artwork. My wife is a great collector of many types of Art of the indigenous North Americans. Since then we also started to collect Tania's Art every time we went to São Paulo and passed by the Av. Paulista. I feel that Tania is unique and a great artist able to translate the Afro-Brasilian Culture into folk-art. For <b>…</b>

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