6 Approaches In 5 Minutes

This is how you get good approaching women, son! I told you before.. The only way to get good at anything is by doing it again and again. Anthony Robbins told me that so you know it’s true.

How To Approach Women

Notice how you can approach women and say just about anything. You would think that these attractive girls would just blow him out or totally ignore him, but they don’t. Girls are usually nice and talkative. And even if you run into a few women that aren’t, big deal. Get some practice dealing with mean girls too.

Try going out with one of your buddies and just approaching good looking girls and making conversation. This guy can simply be there for moral support or he can be your wingman. Using a wingman is something I talk about in detail in my audio program, but basically he’s there to help occupy other girls in the group, give you accomplishment intro’s(this is Dave, he’s a golden gloves champ!), and show that you do, indeed, have friends.

Note: Giving accomplishment intro’s also helps the person giving it by showing they have cool friends. Never forget to do it or have wingmen do it for you.

Keep in mind that as you get more experience and become more confident and less concerned about what other people think you can go out and talk to attractive women by yourself. By the way, that’s the perfect way to make new buddies!

Work that conversation muscle and leave me a comment afterwards.

David Gideon

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