5 Steps To Getting The Kiss

This is one of the most sought after techniques by men everywhere.

How do you know when the time is right to kiss a girl? How do you

not mess it up when you get the opportunity? What’s the best way

to make your move?

Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore. I’m gonna show you EXACTLY

how to do it and get great results.

Did you know there are 5 steps that naturally lead to kissing any

girl you want? Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed, but if

there’s even the slightest possibility of a kiss going down these 5

steps will make it happen!


1. Know this is your intended outcome before you even approach;
To set up the opportunity for a kiss.

Decide that you’re goal is to build the sexual tension until a kiss comes
naturally for both of you. Know the steps and concentrate on escalating
and learning from any and all mistakes until you can do it smoothly.

2. Immediately establish some kind of touch during the

This can be a handshake, a high-five, a handshake
combined with a light touch on her right elbow with your left hand,
or a handshake in which you cup her hand in between both of yours.
This will come across as more congruent if you embrace being a more
touchy-feely guy in general, with guys and girls. That means more
hand-slapping, pats on the back, “hittin’ the rock”, and not
being so standoffish and afraid of physical contact with people
of both sexes

3. Begin demonstrating your value.

Use stories that subtly imply good things about you without being
overt or bragging. Tease her to show that you’re not supplicating
her or easily won over based on looks alone. Show her fun test and
games like the cube, palm-reading, value elicitation, and even
thumb wresting(hint:always win & cheat whenever possible).

KEY: Whenever she responds well to any of these things or says
something you like reward her with a touch on the elbow or upper
arm near the elbow. If it’s “on” push the envelope by touching her
shoulder. If it’s really on touch her waist and whisper something cocky
yet funny in her ear. Ex.You’re only saying that because you like me.”

If she says she doesn’t say something like, “You do, but we can only be friends.”
You’re literally stealing her frame and making her ask, “Why not?”
And this is a perfect transition to number 4.

4. Make her qualify herself.

First of all, decide what you want
in a woman. Then start asking questions to find out if she meets
your standards. If she meets one of your standards reward her with
verbal praise and touch. You might want to start with a high five.
If she’s comfortable with that you can reward her with a touch on
the elbow the next time. If she’s comfortable with that you can
move on to a basic hug, tighter hug, cuddling, hug & kiss on the
cheek, a kiss on the neck, etc.

It’s very important to not to reward her with verbal praise and
touch twice in a row. In other words, if you ask her can she cook
and she says yes, you say “Are you serious??? I love a woman who
can cook!” And give her a high five. Then you’ll immediately ask,
“But can you cook Italian? When she says no you’ll say, “Oh, we
can’t be together(If she says yes just make something up that’s
harder, ex. “Sicilian meatball pasta?” and keep asking until she says
no. Then disqualify her playfully as planned.

What you’re doing is using a push-pull strategy in order to amp
sexual tension. If you just keep pulling her she’ll resist. But if you
push her away before she gets a chance to pull away she gets to
enjoy the compliment without feeling smothered, bored, or nervous,
which is what compliments usually cause since they often have ulterior
motives behind them.

So it’s very important to alternate your verbal praise and
touch-rewards with playful disqualifications. You can use anything
she can’t do or doesn’t have as an excuse to playfully disqualify
her. Ex. She can’t dance, square dance, cook , cook japanese,
sing, sing jazz, isn’t rich, doesn’t have cable, etc.

5. Close the physical proximity

As you continue teasing her,
demonstrating you value, push-pulling her, and making her qualify
begin reducing the physical distance between you. You should
eventually be talking very close.

Keep eye contact, smile, and start establishing rapport. This is
the point where you can ask the boring interview questions that
most guys ask right at the beginning and get to know each other.
The reason you can do it now is because she’s already attracted to
you which creates a REASON to get to know each other.

Now that you have touch established… Maybe you’re even holding her
hand at this point.. Begin slowly looking from eye to eye to lips.
This is called triangular gazing. Now gently push her hair behind
her ear. If she jumps back or moves away, she’s not ready; Tell
more stories, stay positive, tease her some more, and try again.
If she comfortable with it then she’s ready. Do it again and kiss
her immediately. If it doesn’t work, laugh, change the subject and
try again later.

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David Gideon

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