4 High School Habits to Break Before College!

High school is over, summer is passing, and the fall semester is almost here! We've got some of the most important high school habits to break before freshman year hits, with commentary from John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson on TYT University. How hard was the transition from high school to college for you? Do you have any tips or advice that were helpful for you in adapting to university life? Do you think any of the tips we covered aren't accurate? What would you tell a freshman student? And do you have any questions as you enter college? Leave a comment down below! And if you liked this video, PLEASE "Like" it as well! icon smile 4 High School Habits to Break Before College! Subscribe to TYT U for more videos: tinyurl.com Follow us on twitter!!! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com TYT University covers all the news you need to know happening at colleges around the country and across the globe! From student loans to frat parties and dating, we've got it all. Tags: "high school habits" "tips for freshmen" "advice for freshmen" "advice for college freshmen" "habits to break" "4 high school habits to break before freshman year" "bad habits" "how to break bad habits" "tips and tricks" "advice for teens" "advice for students" "high school to college" "entering college" "dealing with college" "freshman year" students summer college university

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