3 Ways To Create Sexual Tension With Women

chemistry 300x211 3 Ways To Create Sexual Tension With Women

1. Eye Contact

Most guys look away first when they make eye contact
with a beautiful woman.. because they’re wussies! The
Secret is to hold eye contact until she looks away first.
When a woman looks down it’s a flirtatious sign of

More eye signs that she’s attracted:

A. She looks a little longer than usual, then looks down.
B. She looks away, then tosses her hair.
C. She looks away, then adjust her clothing.
D. She sits up straight, arches her back, and sticks her
chest out.
E. She looks at you, looks down, then looks back up at
you again.

sexualtension 300x166 3 Ways To Create Sexual Tension With Women

2. Teasing Her

Nothing will change a gorgeous girls lofty attitude more
than being teased. It will immediately communicate that
you’re not intimidated by her good looks
like most guys.
It will also show that you’re fun and confident.

Things to tease attractive women about:

A. Her big purse.

..Is she hiding a gun? A dog? Assume she does & tease
her about it. If she denies it ask to see for yourself.

B. How she’s only 4’11 without her “tall shoes” (great if
she’s tall or average height).

C. Her “Blue Steel” model expressions (watch Zoolander)

D. Or whatever

3. Misinterpreting Everything She Says As A “Come On”

Say things like:

A. Are you coming on to me?
B. Are you flirting with me? (No!) It’s ok. I get this all the time.
C. Is this your way of flirting?
D. You know, I’ve heard that girls only often say mean things
when they like you. Maybe not always, but I’m sure it
applies here. (great after she forcefully denies she likes you)
E. I can tell that you’re really into me. Why do you like me so
much? (great after she says something feisty)

Try to keep a serious face as you’re teasing and misinterpreting
her comments. It’s funnier that way.

David Gideon

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