3 Things To Never Do In A Club

#1 Don’t Stand Around Looking Nervous

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Standing around makes you look boring, anti-social, and lacking in confidence to the women around. Basically, like someone who will decrease rather than increase her fun. By the way, women go out to have fun. Therefore, finding ways to increase their fun is the best way to meet women in clubs.

Instead, use the 3-Second Rule and approach every group of girls that catches your attention. Most people won’t know that you don’t know the girls.. and those that do will be staring in AMAZEMENT.. Confidence is enthralling.

#2 Don’t Display Nervous Ticks

Nervous ticks make you look, well.. nervous. Nervousness communicates that you lack self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence implies that you don’t have any great qualities to be confident about. ..And why would a woman want to be with a guy like that?

club 3 Things To Never Do In A Club

Instead touch your thumb and index finger together and relax your arms by your side. Or hold a drink in your hand. Note: Keep the drink only waist high so you don’t create a physical barrier between you and the women you’re talking to.

#3 Don’t Make Eye Contact With Women Then Look Down.. Then Look Back Again

Making eye contact and then looking down is a sign of submission. Women are attracted to confidence and strength so ALWAYS hold eye contact until the woman looks away. If she doesn’t look away then smile. If she smiles back it is a clear signal that she wants you to talk to her.. If you don’t you have shown yourself to be too weak for her anyway.

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Go over and say “Hi.” at the very least, man!

Okay, I like you guys so here’s a freebie. Say this:

Pickup Line Of The Day! “I noticed you checking me out so I just wanted to come over here and confront you so you don’t try to follow me home or anything.” Whoa! Now that’s what I call cocky funny humor, lol. I’m pretty sure I stole that from somebody, but I can’t remember where from.. smile.

David Gideon

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