3 Secrets Of Inner-Game Attraction

pickup 3 Secrets Of Inner Game Attraction

The Three Keys Of Attraction are the three things that
attract girls to guys. Regardless of what you’ve heard
attractive ladies “say” they want, these are the things
they react to positively. Luckily these things are subject
to your control and MUST be developed in order to create
success with with beautiful women.


a. Begin spending time with intellectually
stimulating people.

b. Add value to their world.

c. Find out their goals and help them.

d. Start conversations with smart people

Ask lots of questions and listen carefully to people
who have something to teach.

e. Realize that many of the world’s most informed
people have written books. Read one book every
30 days
that will improve you as a human being.

inner game 300x140 3 Secrets Of Inner Game Attraction


a. Realize that ANY event in
life can be turned to your advantage if you’re committed.
As you approach women every day keep making small changes in your actions until you get the result you’re
looking for.


a. Being afraid means one of two things: you’re
not prepared
or you’re prepared and you’re just not recognizing
it. Get prepared as much as you can and then take action.

b. Have a plan for sparking attraction with women before you
leave the house. Know how you’ll get conversations
and some general topics you can bring up if things
slow down. Move towards your fears with women and face
them instead of running away.

David Gideon

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