3 Pickup Lines for Playmates

Pick Up Lines That Work On Playboy Bunnies

Ok, let’s examine what these girls like and, more importantly, how you can apply to your own life.
The first playboy model says she likes a guy who just walks up and says:

1.”Hi, my name is____.” “Just Introduce yourself and be nice”

Okay. Do you think that means you can walk up with your head down, voice low, and stammering? Do you think you can walk up with dirty, ill-fitting clothes and beat up shoes? Of course not.

What this beautiful young lady means to say is that if you are a cool, well groomed guy with high status, social proof, confident body language, and a positive demeanor… you can walk up and just introduce yourself a la “direct game”. That will get you in the door. And once you get in the door it’s up to you to show that you’re not overly concerned with pleasing her with a little cocky funny teasing. Then its up to you to spark the attraction with some push-pull and make her feel the urge to qualify herself. Then it’s up to you to demonstrate value. Then it’s up to you to show her that you’re accessible to her. So, if you keep all of those things in mind, walking up with “Hi, my name is Bob” is fine. Actually, you can walk up and say almost ANYTHING as long as you keep all of the other factors in mind.

The second playboy playmate says a guy just saying to her:

2.”You’re amazing.”

Can work wonders for a girl like her. Does that mean you can just walk up to a girl and say she looks amazing? Yes! You can, BUT you have taken two steps forward with a line like this and you should immediately take two steps back. I wanted to tell that you look amazing.. but looks aren’t that important to me(eye contact, sly smile). Is there more to you than meets the eye? Now ask her opinion about something a girl will find interesting, tell her you have an intuition about her and go into a personality game.. something that involves touching, etc.

After she qualifies herself to you tell her that she’s even more amazing on the inside(if she is). I guarantee that complimenting her on the fact that she is amazing after she’s attracted will have much more meaning than stranger #2000(you at first) telling her that she looks amazing.

The third gorgeous girl says all you have to say is:

Can I buy you a drink?

Now this one I don’t recommend for beginners. For one thing it’s very cliche; everybody does it. It can come across as unoriginal and therefore unauthentic. Not to mention boring.

In my Get The Girl ebook and audio I recommend that you go to the club early, introduce yourself to the bouncers and bartenders(remember their names) and go around introducing yourself to groups of girls and even guys. By the time more people come you already have social proof.. Boom!

Now, with social proof, good body language, strong and resonant voice, positive attitude, and an understanding of female psychology.. Go ahead and ask if you can buy a girl a drink from time to time. Experiment with it as part of your repertoire and see what happens.

Also notice the things the bunnies didn’t like:

1.Going for seduction first without establishing attraction and comfort
2.Getting physically close(comfort) before attraction
3.Unauthentic scripted material.
-You can use scripted material loosely. Meaning, put your personality into it and adapt it according to the situation.

Until next time,
David Gideon

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