24, single, and pressured to be in a relationship?

Asked: 24, single, and pressured to be in a relationship?

Long story short, I'm 24, single, and getting a lot of pressure to get married. I have had 2 serious relationships in the past, both over 2 years, and have been single for the last year and a half ish. I have dated guys here and there, but nothing anywhere near long term or serious. I have never had any issues with being 24 and single until now. All my friends are in relationships and getting married, and EVERYONE keeps asking me when I am going to settle down. Even my family and family friends.

I was totally fine with being single but now everyone is making me think maybe I really do need to settle down? Not to sound conceited but I have a pretty good life for only being 24. I have a college degree, attractive, I pay all my own bills and live on my own, and for the last 2 years I've been lucky enough to have a great career in my field of study. So why does everyone always seem to pity me? It's really got me down and out and some encouraging words or advice would be helpful!


It's your life. Do what you like. Don't let pressure or pity get you down. So long as you're happy with your life, that's really all that matters. Your parents want what's best for you and are confused in thinking that marriage is it. They also want grandkids. But one can't force love and marriage. Just tell them it will happen when the time is right. End of discussion.
Most of the time when people ask you when you are going to get married it is because they know they gave up the single life and it bothers them to know their friend is still "free."You know what I mean?It makes them feel singled out, not you.
I'm 52 and never got married.I have a great life and had some serious relationships that just never panned out to marriage.I have a career and own my own home.I think there was a point in my life when all of my friends were getting married, but I never let it bother me.My mom said something a couple of times and that was it.
You do what's right for you.If you are happy, why complicate things.And 24 is VERY young.I wouldn't consider gettng married until I was probably 30 years of age.I mean I hate to say this but chances are half of your friends will end up divorced in about 6 or 7 years.
I say stay single, take care of yourself and have fun.

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