20 years old, never dated? AFRAID to date?

Asked: 20 years old, never dated? AFRAID to date?

I'm turning 20 this year, and I've never dated and haven't had my first kiss.
I know there's nothing wrong with my looks, or my personality as such…well not exactly..

The problem MOSTLY is this:
I'm afraid to commit to a relationship. I can't see myself dating anyone, or getting involved. It's like I have this blockade in my head. Every time I notice that a guy is interested in me, I back off completely and push them away. If it's a guy I like, it's even worse. if I see his interest, I suddenly notice all the wrong things about him (even stupid small things things), and I suddenly lose all interest. The funny thing is, that i nearly always tough, have my eye on someone. But half the time, i know the feelings aren't reciprocated.

Anyway, what I want to know is, is there anyone else out there who's got such a blockade in their head like mine, or has a similar problem? I'd love to hear your stories- and of course any advice you may have for me… I do want to over come this..and I reckon the time to overcome this is fast approaching…


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