18 years old, never been kissed… advice?

Asked: 18 years old, never been kissed… advice?

I'm coming up to the end of my first term of university, and I still haven't even been on a date,
or been kissed. Just getting a little lonely and tired of this I guess… I feel a bit pathetic.
Almost all of my friends have some sort of relationship going on right now..
I don't want my first kiss to be some random hookup at a party either.

I mean, I'm not that unattractive haha..

So yea, advice? Tips?

I honestly kind of feel like all my friends are so much prettier than me that if we meet
some guys, they always go for my friends instead, because they're the hot ones, and not me.

P.S. I'm a girl haha

I'm also pretty shy, I'm a LOT better than I used to be, but still.

I just don't even really know how I can meet guys and start things, I always feel like they have no interest.


Well I'm in your situation, only I am 23 icon smile 18 years old, never been kissed... advice? but I am doing it for religious reasons, saving all that for marriage.

I think you'll be fine, your only 18.

dont look for love let love find you………the easiest way Ever…ican tell your about to go down the wrong path
I'm a guy and it's almost the end of my first semester in college. I have yet to be kissed. Plus I have never really had a real girlfriend. It sucks. But life goes on.
Im in the same boat as u, in college, lonely, single…its not what u wanna hear but u just gotta wait. i hate it buts its true. the right guy will come into ur life. the time just isnt right yet. im still waiting for the right girl, so ur nit alone…
Just try to be social – get out there and meet a lot of people and focus on having fun, don't worry about boys. If you meet one who interests you, ask him to hang out.

Also, try giving off signals if you meet someone that you really like – touch his arm, smile at him. Sometimes guys don't know that you like them justby guessing.

Also, I didn't have my first kiss til I was 21, but it was awesome when it did happen. Don't worry, you'll have it . . .

Same situation here. but im 20. going to be 21 in june.
im just letting everything fall into place, im not going to chase someone.

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